Societal Affiliate Program

by Societal Store on May 31, 2020

SOCIETAL is a socially conscious lifestyle brand and driving force for change. As a dynamic retailer that connects people with the new and next of fashion, style, culture and art. Breadth and diversity is demonstrated across covetable ranges including over over 5-10 new stylish must-have mainline clothing and accessories launching weekly. 

Societal offers a premium, complimentary shirts, hoodies, hats and accessories. Recognised as the original design collaborator and champion of emerging talent, Societal's many exclusive designers have gained global acclaim.

Societal's iconic brand attracts weekly visits across mobile, tablet and desktop and with shipping to more than 100 countries with a multi transactional platform Societal provides consumers, fans and followers with an unparalleled and engaging shopping experience.  


Societal is a socially conscious lifestyle brand dedicated to creating sustainable business opportunities for people to promote economic change. While we know charity is critical, we believe that the end to generational poverty will come when people are able to provide for themselves. We know that more products sold means more people working, and we are excited to welcome affiliates into our business model.  Our hope is that you, too, can generate a sustainable income for you and your family, and feel good about doing it. If you have a website, blog, or any other online presence, we’d love to consider partnership.

This is one of the most exiciting times in online shopping history. Consumers are spending more online than ever before, with the proportion of online spending increasing threefold between 2008 (4.9%) and 2018 (17.9%). 87% of adults were daily users of the internet in 2019, up from 49% in 2008.


Our affiliates and publishers are incredibly important to us. We approach all affiliates with respect and want to build a lasting relationship that is beneficial for everyone involved.

Key Program Details:

  • High Default Commission Rate: 10% per transaction 
  • Long Cookie Duration: 120 days. - Affiliates earn commission on sales generated within 120 days of a click placed by the customers.
  • Great Incentives: bonuses and special offers for top affiliates
  • Continuing review of volume for potential commission increases
  • Continuously updated product feed
  • Bi-Weekly newsletters announcing upcoming events and product releases
  • We are always looking for new partners that are excited about helping sustainable business owners succeed.  


    • Sign Up - fill out an online application
    • Your site will be reviewed for approval to join the Societal Affiliate program
    • Once approved, you’ll have access to all the links, logos and banners for Societal
    • Get Paid - earn 10% when customers you refer purchase a product from Societal


    Whether you're a t-shirt addict, a social media guru, a blogging master needing some extra cash, it's time to get with the Societal affiliate program. As one of our partners you can help spread Societal love one commission at a time.

    Apply today! or contact the Global Societal Affiliate Team at