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The Powerful Relationship Between Fashion and Activism

by Societal Store on

The world of clothing and fashion goes back as far as any history book and tells a story about mankind. Many modern influential figures use the way they...

The Evolutionary Timeline of the Black Lives Matter Movement

by Societal Store on

Black lives matter has seen a new wave of protests and demands for justice with the recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. With Black...

Fashion is always and will forever be about making a statement

by Societal Store on

Now, many companies and individuals are focusing on making a statement with their clothing, not about themselves but the world around them. Political t-shirts and political fashion is...

Sustainability Gradually Changing Fashion From What We Used to Know It

by Societal Store on

The standard for customer satisfaction and value is gradually shifting from product quality or famous brand names. Consumers are beginning to associate with brands that reflect their values,...

Beauty may only be skin deep, but the impact of Societal goes beyond the surface

by Societal Store on

Socially, the global booming fashion industry is largely built on low wages paid to people working in factories abroad but also increasingly in the UK, in cities such as Manchester,...

Now Go Green with Your Fashion Too!

by Societal Store on

The fashion world is all about new trends and designer clothing. We can get so caught up in the latest trends and what is mainstream that we forget,...

How Consumers Play a Major Role in Streetwear

by Dean Jones on

Many people believe that streetwear consists of fleeting trends that won’t make much of an impact in the fashion world. But on the contrary, streetwear is still around...

Sustainable Streetwear Brands - Harbingers of a Green Earth

by Societal Store on

Clothing which is good both for individuals and for the planet comes under the category of ethical streetwear, or “eco streetwear”. For a long time these clothes were...

Fashion is Eternal

by Societal Store on

Fashion is Eternal. Stylish Clothes is the popular drink Among youth. A Moment of "Spark", a life full of Stylish or an evocative and refreshing concept worthy enough to be portrayed...

Sustainable Fashion - Societal

by Societal Store on

Societal's Print-on-demand (POD) ethos might just be one of the keys to an environmentally friendly fashion industry.  We know sustainability is not a new concept but truth to be told...

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