Why should you Buy Eco-Friendly Clothing?

by Societal Store on April 23, 2020

Sustainable Clothing is composed of organic materials that cause minimal harm to our environment. The other inorganic fast fashion clothing famous for there low high street prices and primarily made of harmful materials like polyester, nylon use a lot of harmful chemicals when manufactured. You can help the environment from further depletion by choosing supporting eco-friendly brands like Societal. Ditch the inexpensive fast fashion clothes that create cycles of poverty in families around the world. There are many ways brands can reduce there impact on the environment as follows.


  1. Linen- If you are looking for environment-friendly clothing, linen is your best friend. It is made from flax and requires much lesser fertilizer, water, pesticides and other chemicals. It could also be recycled later to make paper. 
  2. Hemp- This material is also getting very popular and doesn’t require any extra chemicals in manufacturing. Hemp can be essentially used to make a range of fabrics like denim, jersey, fleece etc. This is a very eco-friendly option for you. 
  3. Bamboo- This humble plant uses no pesticides at all, and you can shop sustainable clothing with bamboo products. They are soft to touch and skin-friendly as well. 
  4. Lyocell- This is commonly known as Tencel and is made from wood pulp. This material doesn’t use any harmful chemicals or pesticides in the making and requires very little water. The clothes come out wrinkle-free and are organic in nature. 
  5. Organic Wool- Some wool is made from harmful chemicals, but organic wool uses no such thing. The organic sheep farms avoid pesticides or other chemicals and keep the sheep and the pasture by feeding manure to the soil. 
  6. Silk- This fabric is made from caterpillars called silkworms and is extremely light in nature. These silkworms break down naturally after they complete their span of life. Silk is sometimes used as thermal wear in the winter season. 

There are many benefits of using organic clothing, and it will prove beneficial to the environment in the long run. 

  1. It Helps to Protect the Environment

Most sustainable clothing companies use one of the above-mentioned fabrics to make manufacture clothes. There are no chemicals or pesticides used in the manufacturing of this fibre. The inorganic clothing uses harmful dyes to colour the clothes as well. These chemicals are dumped into the water bodies and end up polluting the water and soil. There are many alternative dying substances that do not harm the environment and have a low-impact on pollution. These dyes are made of animals, plants and insects and should be used as much as possible. By saying yes to organic clothing made from natural substances, you are promoting a healthier environment. Using natural substances also helps to reduce the carbon footprint in the long run. 

  1. It is a Skin-Friendly Option

When you wear inorganic clothes for long, you may develop skin irritation, rashes and other allergies. This happens when nylon, polyester or other inorganic fibres rub against your body for long. On the other hand, sustainable fashion companies use organic materials like cotton, linen, bamboo etc. that is super soft and doesn’t harm your skin. So, when you switch to sustainable clothing, you are not only contributing to the environment but also towards your own health and well-being. Today, sustainable clothing is the most useful for everybody but specifically for babies and elderly people who have got sensitive skin. You must say no to the fast-fashion clothing brands that use dozens of chemicals to make their fibre. 

  1. Doesn’t Employ Children

When you visit a garment manufacturing company that uses inorganic materials, you will be shocked to see the number of children being employed there. They work in non-favourable conditions and are exposed to the toxic chemicals used in the factory. Children are cheap labour and don’t need much training when it comes to making clothes made of inorganic materials. It is not at all fair for these children to be employed in such terrible workplaces, just because there is a demand for fashion in the world. On the other hand, the sustainable fashion industry doesn’t use any child labour or other chemicals that are harmful to humans and the environment.

  1. Say yes to High-Quality Clothes

When you choose sustainable wear over fast fashion brands, you are choosing quality over quantity. Fast fashion clothing brands wear out easily, and you end up buying more clothes. This is how the inorganic clothing industry works and is always in demand. On the other hand, sustainable clothing is made of high-quality fibre, and you need not buy new ones that often. This helps to save your money, keeps your skin healthy and also keeps the environment very safe and green. 


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