At the Societal Store, we make ethical t-shirts from 100% ring-spun cotton and organic cotton, which is one of the most eco-friendly materials available today. Wearing our ethical t-shirts in the UK will make you feel good, both with the fabric and from being able to contribute to the environment positively. We believe in the values of trust and integrity, which are reflected in the products we sell. Additionally, we also display responsibility towards humans, animals, and the entire planet.

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Why Organic Cotton?

Over the years, organic cotton has emerged as a significant choice of eco-friendly material for clothes manufactured by our company. Organic cotton is an environmentally friendly material which does not use harmful chemicals such as pesticides and insecticides and thereby does not lead to soil, water, and air contamination. It makes use of rainwater more than artificial sources such as irrigation which is why Societal has a range of organic products within our various collections.

Contributing Towards the Environment

Societal Store urges you to contribute towards the environment by purchasing clothes from brands which have strict policies against child labour and can control their use of resources. These brands need to be able to dispose of chemicals in a manner such that it does not negatively impact our waterways. As a customer, you have a significant role to play when you purchase our eco-friendly t-shirts in the UK.