Shop our collection of ethical sweatshirts, featuring on-trend slogans and artworks. All Societal artwork is designed by innovative independent artists, content creators, and designers who inspire slow fashion as an alternative to the fast fashion high street commerce.

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You Are Beautiful Societal Unisex Sweatshirt


Societal Unisex Sweatshirt


Classic Too Blessed To Be Stressed Societal Unisex Sweatshirt



You will be able to find a range of exciting illustrations on our environment-friendly clothing materials. This is your chance to help the environment and look for an ethical sweatshirt whose manufacturing process complies with eco-friendly agricultural standards in the UK.  

Slow fashion style

As opposed to the fast fashion industry, sweatshirts are part of a group of fashion materials which showcase slow fashion trends. Every sweatshirt embodies a classic balance between comfort and style, which is adored by many. Slow fashion is the style that genuinely matters today, and hoodies or sweatshirts can be worn while heading into the cold spring air. 

Suitable for every occasion

An ethical sweatshirt is sustainable clothing made using fair practices, and it is ideal for just about every season. Irrespective of whether you are headed out for a casual walk, plan to rake leaves or shovel snow, the hoodie is suitable. To top it, the hoodie that matches your style will help you be socially conscious towards the environment, especially when you buy from us.