Ethically produced clothing featuring the great and good of hundreds of years of political theory. Societal offers a fun way for activists and revolutionaries around the globe to convey their individual freedom of thinking and action. Ditch the silent majority, find your own unique voice, and inspire societal change.

Ethical Women’s Clothing (21)

Girl Power Dress


Girl Power Organic Dress


Black History Month Dress


Societal Culture Organic cotton t-shirt dress


Societal Culture Sublimation Cut & Sew Dress


Ethical Dress


i Can't Breathe Protest Dress


Stop Racism Black Lives Matter Dress


Black Lives Matter Protest Dress


Societal Clothing's Political Influence 

The subject of fashion in politics is no longer a tightrope walk. Clothing is powerful. While often considered trivial, they function as an expression of identity. Clothes will reveal our coalition, our political loyalty, and our sense of collective identity, with the potential to revolutionise not just the way others see us, but also how we see ourselves. In order to signify an action or feeling unique to an occasion, we change our external appearances, informing others of our sorrow, our excitement, our fatigue, or our energy.

Political Clothing for Societal Change

In order to implement political reform, the feminist movement presents numerous examples of clothing being used as symbols of resistance. Several decades of female rebellion is articulated through clothing in the twentieth century since women have been dominated for so long by sartorial norms, reduced to ornaments in literature , art, and the aristocratic home, taking charge of our own bodies is a strong and visual act of rebellion in repudiation of patriarchal standards. Women have been held to strict standards of beauty for millennia, required to live up to both unworldly sexappeal and rigid modesty. Societal fashion has made it possible for those armed with only the contents of a closet to crack patriarchal taboos and unspoken laws. To announce that you are worth noticing is a political declaration. It's inspiring to use this sartorial language to play with your gender loudly and confidently, take up space, or assert your societal beliefs. It feels powerful to wear whatever you want to know full well that people will look. Societal gives you the ideal chance to be courageous.

Societal Clothing and the Environment

The reality is, when you "get a good deal" on cheap clothes someone else is paying the price for it. Taking the planet, climate, health, and animal welfare into account is no longer a trend, but a requirement! However, when it comes to switching from fast fashion to slow fashion, the biggest obstacle standing in the way is the misconception that ethical fashion is prohibitively expensive. However, ethical clothing & accessories at great prices exists! Societal sells a mix of reasonably priced ethical clothes for women and ensure that our products and fabrics are sourced from ethical suppliers that comply to labor, environmental, and safety standards.