Ethically produced clothing featuring the great and good of hundreds of years of political theory. Societal offers a fun way for activists and revolutionaries around the globe to convey their individual freedom of thinking and action. Ditch the silent majority, find your own unique voice, and inspire societal change.

Ethical Women’s Clothing (35)

Not lucky im loved Unisex Hoodie


Love, Hope, Joy, Faith, Peace Unisex Hoodie


Black Lives Matter Black lives with white grunge background Unisex Hoodie


Black Lives Matter Black lives with black grunge background Unisex Hoodie


Black Lives Matter Ethical Unisex Hoodie


For Liberty Societal Unisex Hoodie


You Are Beautiful Societal Unisex Hoodie


Owl Societal Unisex Hoodie


Official Societal Brand Unisex Hoodie


The first question that people often ask about clothing items is, "Is ethical clothing for women affordable?" You can easily buy affordable fashion from the Societal Store that lasts for several years. We sell a mix of organic and eco-friendly clothes for women and ensure that the minimum wages being paid to labourers are covered.

You will be able to find a range of exciting illustrations on our environment-friendly clothing materials. This is your chance to help the environment and look for an ethical sweatshirt whose manufacturing process complies with eco-friendly and organic agricultural standards in the UK.

We know that you are always looking for new and unique fashion styles to add zing to your wardrobes. Societal Store gives you a chance to do so when you place an order for eco-friendly and organic tops.

Hoodies have turned into massive statements over the last decade. However, we have decided to go one step further than merely offering them, as we provide eco-friendly hoodies at unbeatable prices. If you are on the hunt for an affordable hoodie which combines style with sustainability, this is your place.

We do not believe in overcharging our customers by showing our concern for minimum wages. Another reason why the fashion industry is plagued with problems such as the use of toxic chemicals is that clothes today, being cheap, are meant to fall apart quickly. Therefore, our brand works hard to produce eco-friendly clothing for women using highly durable fabrics.

Apart from making conscious efforts to follow sustainable manufacturing practices, we also encourage you, our consumers, to modify your shopping habits. Look for brands that do good to the environment rather than harm. Also ensure that you do not fall for claims such as "the best", "the most eco-friendly brand ever" and other similar ones. One cannot ignore the needs of our planet any longer.

Slow fashion style

As opposed to the fast fashion industry, our sweatshirts are part of a group of fashion materials which showcase slow fashion trends. Every sweatshirt embodies a classic balance between comfort and style, which is adored by many. Slow fashion is the style that genuinely matters today, and hoodies or sweatshirts can be worn while heading into the cold spring air. 

Suitable for every occasion

An ethical sweatshirt is sustainable clothing made from fair practices, and it is ideal for just about every season. Irrespective of whether you are headed out for a casual walk, plan to rake leaves or shovel snow, the hoodie is suitable. To top it, the hoodie that matches your style will help you to be socially conscious towards the environment, especially when you buy from us. 

A woman who understands exactly who she is, but does not wish to take herself too seriously must choose an ethical sweatshirt from us. Are you the one? 

Ethical production

Each crop tee from our wardrobe staples is lightweight, soft, and is produced ethically. It is true that cropped tops can have exciting prints without harming the environment. These are produced as a result of fair trade practices.

Variety of patterns

Every top is created with a passion for design, which is visible in different patterns. You will love the comfort of the stretchable fabrics of our eco-friendly and organic tops. You can use them for a range of occasions, from casual parties at homes to other events, in both clubs and other venues. Our stretchable fabrics will surely help you flex your bodies well while dancing!

Buying these tees will certainly augur well for your conscience, considering that farmers get their due shares. So, what are you waiting for? Come explore the range of organic tops on our website, and you will feel glad to be able to showcase such unique materials and prints on different occasions.

Best ways to use hoodies 

For a cool-comfy look, you can wear coordinating joggers with bomber jackets and our ethical hoodies in the UK. Irrespective of whether the hood is down or up, it will always look good. If you are keen on creating a casual hoodie outfit, look at the combination of printed loafers, pastel puffer jackets, and wide-leg pants. 

Wear a top underneath or not- your choice

It is entirely up to you whether you wish to wear a top underneath the hoodie or not. In case you plan to take it off, the top would be a natural choice. Being a girl, you certainly need to keep this in mind, and you could even consider wearing shirts underneath. 

So, this is your chance to make a positive impact on the environment. Get your eco twist when you opt for our eco-friendly hoodies.