Societal also has a voice on sexism. It encourages ladies on the limelight. Possibly you admire and are willing to put your actions in synchrony with the well projected messages on reproductive rights by the audacious Emma Goldman, words-driven Maya Angelu or Socially conscious Angela Davis, Societal will help with that. Make your choices in the available feminist T-shirt.

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Girl Power Organic Dress





With the establishment of a very structured approach Societal is maximizing this campaign to advocate and lend a voice to women rights. And stand against its resistance caused by the antiquated laws put in place by authorities.

One of the most notable time periods in which fashion stood as a political statement was the women's movement. "Fashion has always been and is political because it is a material means of projecting power," says fashion historian Einav Rabinovitch-Fox, Ph.D. She adds that this was particularly true for women, adding that it dates back to the 1850s in her field of expertise. Women's rights activists more directly took the issue of dress reform and the bloomer as part of their agenda to support wo wo