A Guide To Our Editorial Process

We don’t publish articles arbitrarily. Every article published on Societal has to fulfill certain criteria: quality of content is important to us, and our job is to advocate for and protect the interests of our readers and the community. Hence every article is reviewed to get published.

Societal Journal is an independent online publication. Neither advertisers nor partners influence our content or editing process. 

Publishing Policy & Rights 

  • We don’t publish press releases.
  • We don’t influence the opinions of our writers or contributors and do not prompt them to tailor their work to fit our personal interests, objectives or opinions.
  • We don’t participate in any kind of partner-linking system.
  • We respect the rights of authors, designers, photographers and developers. We would never publish links to illegal sources that reproduce the work of others or that violate author rights if we are able to detect illegal sources or copyright infringement through a reasonable effort by double-checking material to be published.
  • All Societal editors, regular writers and guest authors get paid for their work.
  • We are happy to receive constructive criticism and suggestions from readers and friends; but we would never perform favors in return for them. Our recommendations are based on the expertise of its authors and are made in the best interests of its readers and the web design community.

Who Can Submit An Article?

You can! (Unless you are a spammer) Our authors range from experienced writers to first-timers. As our process includes editorial oversight, we can be a great place to publish your first piece.

You need an idea, something you want to share, and the ability to put together an outline to show us that your idea is likely to be of interest to our readers. From that point on, we can give you any help that you need as you write and revise your article. Experienced writers all started somewhere, we would be honored for you to start your writing career with us.

An editor reviews each article and asks the following questions:

  • Does the article suit Societal and its audience?
  • Is this a new article rather than something published elsewhere?
  • Is the article technically correct and giving up-to-date advice?

What Kind Of Articles Do We Publish?

  • Opinion — Do you have a strong opinion on something in our industry and the research to back it up? These can make useful talking points.

Who Are We Publishing For?

Societal champions radical fashion and youth culture, defining the times with a vanguard of next generation writers, stylists and image makers. Societal online platform where pop culture meets the underground, reaches an ever-growing and loyal community of global tastemakers. 

Our primary goal is to deliver quality contentWriting a beginner article about a radical fashion and youth culture is great (we are all beginners at something), but you can assume a starting point of familiarity with political fashion.

Tools For Writing And Editing

To make this process easier articles are reviewing and edited using:

  • Dropbox Paper
  • Google Docs

What Will We Ask Of You?

When we give your outline the green light and ask you to write an article we ask that:

  • The article is an original piece of work for Societal, not something you have published elsewhere.
  • You will work with the editor assigned to you, and be open to their feedback.
  • You will establish a timeline for delivery with your editor, and if you realize you will miss a deadline, communicate with them.
  • You commit to our publishing policy, this is especially important to consider if you are writing about something learned while working on your own products. You can always ask your editor if anything is unclear.

    Moving Through The Editorial Process


    We would suggest that you submit an outline in the first case, to check that the article is a good fit for Societal and that no-one else is already working on a similar article.

    Your outline should give us enough detail to understand the subject and your specific take on it. Please make sure to include the following information.

    1. Who is the target audience for the article? For example, are you trying to reach out to beginner JavaScript developers or experienced designers, or simply everyone in the industry?
    2. What will the target audience take away from reading the article?
    3. Why are you the best person to write this article?
    4. A list of the main points you will cover/sections of the article with a brief description of each.

    Send this to our contact form. If you have not written for us before, it can be helpful to include links to other pieces of writing — they could be blog posts or similar. You should then be contacted by a subject-specific editor with initial thoughts and feedback.


    Once an outline has been accepted, write your first draft. You can always share early ideas with your editor as you are working if you want or need some feedback.


    Your draft should include all of the elements that are detailed in the template provided. We can’t accept your piece without them.


    How long it takes for a first draft to become a published article depends on how much work is needed regarding review and editing.

    It is likely that your editor will have some suggestions to discuss with you. For a very technical article, or something outside of the core knowledge of the editor they will request help from our review panel. In that case, the editor will take their feedback and present it to you along with their own thoughts.

    You will then have time to make any necessary revisions that come out of the discussions.


    Once you and your editor feel the article is ready, it will be passed onto our editor-in-chief to get the green light and then go into the final production stages of proofreading and preparation for publication to the site.

    Please note that final drafts will not be accepted without all of the original images

    You’ll get a final chance to have a look at the article before it is ready for publication, so you can give it a final check over after small copy edits have been made in the proofreading process.


    We will let you know which date your article is scheduled for. Once it goes live, you will be contacted. We would love you to share your article on social media and pop back to answer any comments from our Societal audience!

    Last updated 10th of January 2021 by Editor-in-Chief.

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