What We Stand For

Societal is a brand with a touch of difference and excellence. Established in the United Kingdom, it thrives on the ability to address almost every social and environmental issue ranging from philosophy, political, human right and social challenges. With creativity, it represents historical personalities and gives a reformative voice to our planet.

Our shared, stated values help to define who we are and underpin everything we do. They were developed with the active engagement of the Societal Community, and keeping them alive will ensure we’re all working with an organisation that we’re proud of.

Each of our five values are supported by a framework to guide the way we behave and shape our decisions.



  • We take time to listen and learn from each other and actively encourage different perspectives.
  • We care about everyone's wellbeing and our footprint on the environment.


  • We aim to be a voice for equality, human rights and basic freedoms. (Freedom of expression and an empowered individuality are central to the love, passion and discourse around Societal.)
    • We aim to inspire change with our range of socially conscious, ethical and political t-shirts with a purpose and a story to tell.

    Service/Giving Back/Contribution.

    • We have pledged 1% of sales profits to help make the world a better place, however, our long-term ambition is to transfer 50% of our annual profits into a trust fund to support various community projects around the world voted on by our community.
    • We are dedicated to ensuring our profits benefit in-need communities around the world.
    • We will continue to work behind the seams to ensure that the products we produced are matched by a beautiful backstory.
    • We provide opportunities for people to develop and flourish.


    • We are committed to ensuring our products and fabrics are sourced from ethical brands and suppliers that comply to labor, environmental, and safety standards and working with factories that hold the highest industrial certifications, ensuring they keep to only the most rigorous of ethical standards.
    • We each play our part in making a difference.
    • We are dedicated to changing the narrative and understanding of ethical standards within the fashion industry.
    • We are committed to creating products that leave an innately smaller impact on our environment.
    • We are dedicated to designing the change we want to see.


      • We are committed to building a beautiful diverse online community of people of all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds that express themselves in their own personal way through Societal.
      • We are dedicated to ensuring a wide range of cultures representing diverse economic, political, legal and social systems are reflected throughout our internal operations.
      • We don’t believe in borders and embrace the idea of globalism and diversity bringing together people from all around the world.

      Last updated on 19 August 2020

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