What should I do if it’s past the estimated delivery time and I still haven’t received my order?

If your order’s estimated delivery time has passed, here’s what you do:

  • Wait a bit more. Unfortunately, shipments can get delayed for reasons we can’t predict. We understand it’s frustrating to deal with late shipments, but please remember that our estimated delivery time is just an estimate, not a guarantee.
  • Reach out to the carrier. You can contact the carrier service directly to get information about your shipment.
  • Get in touch with our customer support team. Let us know about your delayed shipment, and we’ll check the latest delivery updates. We may ask you to wait a few more days to receive the order. You can reach us via chat or send an email to happytohelp@societal.store

If you still haven’t received any news about your shipment after completing all the steps mentioned above, please submit to 

happytohelp@societal.storeSubmit your claim no later than 30 days after the estimated delivery date for packages lost in transit. Then, we’ll take a look, and if the fault is ours, we’ll reship your order at no expense to you.

We may ask for your help before doing that, like confirming that the shipping address is correct. You should have also contacted your local post office to locate the lost order.

Remember that we can’t reship an order if tracking information states it was delivered. In this case, any replacements would have to be at your expense.

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